Thursday, May 28, 2009

Victoria's Secret Chic Weekender bag--stylishly sleek

I've had this bag for a while now but i never really got to use it since it was WAAAAY HUGE for everyday use. i would look like... well unproportional with this bag on tow. but i use this when we have photoshoots and i have to bring the clothes and I'm too lazy to stroll along manila with garment bags hanging on my hand/s. so yeaaa...

so I'm going off on to a vacation right now. nothing big though just a well deserved weekend vacay with friends.. in fashion week, stress is an understatement. and surfing was always been like my dream thing to do and so my friends and i are off to San Juan, La Union surf spot of the PH baby! yea we traded it off to Palawan instead. good thing there's more guys than chicks on our clique in this situation. (hehe forgive me girls)

anyway so i needed a cute and efficient (hala marketing's rubbing in on me na LOL) and i decided to finally use Victoria's Secret Chic Weekender bag i know i know this bag retails for 2,000php and above off from other sites but FORTUNATELY VS had this big sale and ate Ray (from was soooo gracious enough to let us in with the news and for a fraction of the price, i got this baby for 950php only HAH!!!!! hella cheap right? beat that recessionista chicks!

and i wanted to share to you girls how big and spacious it really is.... so here

almost as big as our stairs haha
my clothes, shoes(even my Steve Madden pumps are inside haha, and my trustee RayBan aviators.) ready for the beach!!!

P.S.: sorry the background looks hella messy, it's actually the coat's textile getting ready for cutting for our fall/winter line. (but that's another story)

until next time..
see you around at vanity boulevard =}

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil -- review and what-nots

i have been and i guess will always be on the look out for skincare products that caters to oily/acne-prone/combination/really-hard-to-mattify skin type. no my skin's not THAT bad but when stress situations pile up (e.g: fashion week, pictorials, photoshoots, go-sees) that's when my skin takes its toll and decide to boycott me. and BAM!!! zits galore.----so not a pretty picture.

my girlfriends and i went for window shopping when whu-lah body shop is on a gigantic sale of the year. and ladies, i am not exaggerating they are on sale. a big big BIG sale. my friends helped themselves to bronzers, i didn't (because I'm tan anyway.. so.. no thanks i don't wanna be a striding carrot) and i helped myself to my trustee-always in the medicine cabinet-go to treatment. their tea tree oil!!!!
(the cap really doesn't look like that one, it's black actually. hey, i got bored and colored the cap with M.A.C's peppermint patty nail lacquer. me thinks it looks purdee LOL)

i love this stuff!!! love it!!! i have tried the cheaper counterpart of it which was available in Zen Zest, but i found ZZ's tea tree oil was milder than TBS. now to some ladies that may be good, but not for me, i need a product that works fast and i mean FAST!

what i like about this product is i have to emphasize that it works fast... i dab it to upcoming bumps and even whiteheads that are already there for consecutive nights (say 1 or 2 nights.. 3 nights was the longest for me and it was a really huge cystic acne no thanks to bare naturals mineral make up).. and when i wake up. POOF! it's bye bye.. and here's the best part (well at least, for me it is.) it doesn't leave your poof-ed pimple/acne with the "i-was-here" pimple mark. i think you ladies can relate to me on this one. so yea. it might be a tad bit pricier than Zen Zest, but if you really want fast drying action to your facial bumps then i really suggest this product. don't worry about the smell.. well, it smells really organic but you get used to it after a while..

until then...
see you around at vanity boulevard =}

Sunday, May 24, 2009


i have been in constant search for an HG toner and i have tried loads of them from L'oreal to Proactive to various dermatologist products. but my skin was as stubborn as daffy duck and spongebob combined so.. yea..

until one day i was running an errand for m mom to buy tea at healthy options. and i found Dickinson's witch hazel toner.. until then, the rest was history----for my pimples and red bumps. call it destiny.., HAHA

they claim:
our unique 100% natural formula for skin care combines extracts of the witch hazel plant to thoroughly cleanse and condition your skin. Unlike other astringents, our gentle formulation cleans deeply to remove the last traces of make-up, soap residue and excess oil - without the use of artificial ingredients that may overdry your skin. Use as the final step in your cleansing routine to leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and refreshed

My experience: i got the yellow bottle, the one which actually has witch hazel extract since witch hazel is known for being an anti-oxidant and astringent which makes it very handy in treating pimples and acne. i didn't mind the 14% alcohol, the concentration is relatively mild and alcohol would synergize the effect of witch hazel being an astringent since alcohol is primarily used as an antiseptic (in english: kills bacteria). i have been using this toner for 2 months now and the only negative thing i can point at it is........... it doesn't travel well, the cap isn't tight enough for the container's "mouth" so it spills all over the place. but as far as cleansing goes, it relieved my stubborn zits and red bumps without leaving dark marks after it. also, i noticed that this product made my face less oily and yes, i can stand the smell of it. all for the sake of having clear skin LOL

will i buy it again: ABSOLUTELY not only that it's hella affordable but it's true to its claim and it healed my facial problem. plus it's organic.


hey beauties, i have recently started blogging.

1.why?.. because most of my friends prompted me to, it's not so much that i'm a push over but i dunno, blogging might be fun..

2.are you new to blogging?.. yes!!!! yes my friends i AM NEW TO THE BLOG WORLD, why you may ask? it's because i only used the internet to check mail and call some relatives in the US (thank you magic jack) and for the most part of it, i never really had the time. and i didn't think that no one would really care about what i thought etc etc etc. so yea here i come blog world

3.why choose beauty?.. it's because it's what i' good at.. next to sewing and drafting fashion pieces. but anyway, it's because it's one area that i have a lot to say to, like what's good for your skin what's not etc etc etc.. i didn't want to tackle on fashion because i believe that lotsa people are on that point already, and i do not know how to teach you what we learn in school e.g. how to draft, fashion history etc etc. it would be way complicated. and i did not want to be the next gossip girl wanna-be either. i am pro life, thank you. LOL

so that's that,

until next time!