Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Outfit: Frilly Neutrals + Food musings

I love Chiffon -- the textile not the food. I have a relatively straight body and chiffon gives my body shape and it flatters my slender physique as well. Here's my Outfit for today.

 Dress: H&M
MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC40
Vichy Dermablend setting powder
MAC Virgin Isle Cream Color Base
MAC Russian Red topped with MAC clear gloss (top)
Maybelline Color Sensational Pink Please (bottom)

 Went to Veniz Beach. Saw the Top Model House. Ate lobsters. Went out to buy Cheesecake. watched gossip girl while eating cheesecake. happy day.

 Cofee Kahlua Mocha Cheesecake from the Cheesecake factory

deconstructed burger with onion stings on top

Lobster Platter

Monday, November 15, 2010

FOTD: Featuring Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick # 3 Coral

MAC MSF Natural - Medium Deep
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer NC 35
Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick - 3 Coral
Softlips lipbalm - Vanilla Mint

Bought the blush at a local CCO for $15. What i like no make that love, is that it instantly brightens my face. The sparkles are more refined than that of NARS' Orgasm. Making it appear to be a subtle glow than a discoball glitter fest on my face.

On Top: NARS Orgasm
Below: Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in 3 Coral

NARS Orgasm's more pink while BB is more peach. BB's also warmer that orgasm making it flattering to tan ladies like moi.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Goodie Bag: Shu Uemura

Remember when I said the Shu will be leaving U.S soon? and they were having a 50% off sale? Yes, it got the best of me, so I went back to grab myself some "souvenirs" before they said xoxo to United States

It's not a lot really just basic items. But the lady was so kind she gave me a lot of freebie samples with my purchase.

 FREEBIES!!! What I like here is assistants are so open about giving samples without pushing you to buy anything. I was primarily looking for an eye cream but they said they only had samples left and if I liked it, I can order it off the net. Plus the lady gave me a sample of the DepSea Rose, Pink Lipgloss, Premium oil cleanser 15ml and a fresh oil cleanser 50ml

I bought this for $10.99 M Peach 44. I love it, I'm NC 40 and this looks a natural flush for me!! LOVE!
 Fall in sucking the water out of me and i have oily skin!!  So i bought this for $ 9.99 for an easy go to hydration. I use it for my face, hands & hair. 

Finally I scored myself some cleansing oil!!! for only $12.99!!! This is what I originally wanted and I'm glad it was still available. I kind of wish I bought 2 though..

sigh. It's nearing the holiday season. I'm seriously missing home. It's this time of the year where Greenbelt has those awesome lights in the garden and malls are decked out with Christmas decos.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Travelling Skin Woes

Have you ever traveled before and then breakout while using the same products you were using since who knows when?

I flew out of Pinas last May 5th for studies and I thought my skin love the weather since it's not too humid and the pollution is less. After a week of staying here my skin broke out really nasty cystic acne that i have never had in my life before. Sure my skin was not perfect when i was there back home, but it was not THIS bad either.

The products I was using then was The Body Shop's tea tree line which was awesome in keeping my skin behaved. it's so frustrating that it wasn't working anymore.

so I tried various products ranging from neutrogena's acne kit, the stress control line, the tea tree line and then decided to completely slash off Neutrogena in my life. It was so harsh it dried my skin out (on a summer season) and it always gave that tight feeling after you wipe your face from cleaning. The only thing i liked from them was the oil-free sunscreen.

I also tried ProActiv and I'm swearing it off it made my skin dry as hell without doing anything to my spots. Going to a derma isn't even in my option list right now because it costs sooooo much here. Imagine a tube of Duac that costs 850php there costs $80 here, that's just insane. So the search for the skin care regime still continues.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Goodie Bag: Vichy

Mr FedEx man came in today with a small box. I was expecting it from Vichy because i ordered a couple of things from them. namely their Dermablend stuff as it was not available in my local CVS. Quite disappointed that their shipping took about 2 weeks. But here's what i got anyway.

No they're not marshmallows. The package came in and when i opened it i was surprised that a bunch of styro marshmallows greeted me. I only ordered 2 products. You can imagine the time i spent digging in through this marshmallows to find what I'm looking for.

First off, I ordered Vichy concealer, it claims to be long-wearing and full coverage for those who suffer skin imperfections (me! me! meeeeee!!!) I was ecstatic when I saw Lisa Eldrige's Acne Covering Make up demo that I wanted to try it for myself. Yes, they do have a return policy if you don't like the product.

*1st impression: The coverage reminds me of MAC Pro longwear concealer. Although Vichy was "softer" texture and is easier to blend, almost like a mousse feel concealer born with full coverage super powers.

The next thing I ordered was the setting powder. I'm originally using the Chanel loose powder for setting because I'm trying to finish it, but a year has passed and it still HAS A LOT. Now the Chanel loose powder finishes my make up great, a soft focus finish and very natural, light reflecting and I look very refreshed. All that good stuff happens on me.... for the first 3 hours. After that i have to blot mu face and re-apply. The container, yes it has Chanel written all over it, but it's BIG! 

So I wanted to look for something that would lengthen my foundation wear. and this boasts sweat-proof and waterproof (kinda scary) capability. Plus it's hypoallergenic. I wanted to get the Make Up Forever HD powder originally but we both know that it's expensive and I don't like the slimy bally feel when I tested it out.

*I haven't tested it out yet as I'm still trying to look for a good cleanser. the waterproof part scares me a bit.

And finally these are the samples they sent with the product. pretty generous, I was expecting a sample sachet a-la Sephora. They're both 3 ml samples. I'm guessing 5 days worth of use.

Friday, November 5, 2010

shoulda woulda coulda..

It's always handy to have extra brushes. Right? and the Kirkland sets were always pretty decent enough to use. hey for $20 you get an alternate set when you was your HG brushes. This was suppose to be this year's set

Pink ferrule, dark brown handle, a rhinestone encrusted mirror (1 side magnified, the other normal) and of course the brush bag.

....But they got RECALLED by Costco. For what? Quality issues.  When asked is they would still be releasing a holiday brush set, no concrete answer was given, I was just told that they'd send me an e-mail if stocks are in.

Errand shopping: Bath & Body works

You know it's nearing the holiday season when stores throw out sales here and there. Nordstrom has their Women & kids sale, and I'm eying this ToyWatch piece. ToysRus are having there sale too, yes I know because i have a niece and she wants a Christmas gift. What's up with kids and Dora anyway? haha. Going back, Outlets stores are starting their sale too and I'm going back to the Lancome Cosmetic Company Outlet  in the weekend, they sent me an e-mail telling me that beauty boxes just arrived.

Bath & Body works has their 3 for 3 sale which i was waiting for because it's such a good deal. I have this clients too that has a thing for their pocketbac hand sanitizers. The glittery cupcakes one was running low already and since it's limited ed, I don't think they'll be re-stocking. I checked their website and it wasn't listed anymore.

all of the pabili. =} they're so cute. I personally love love love the reindeer ones because I'm a fan of mint. Next is the twisted peppermint, they only have some left on my store so I'm going back tomorrow and grab whatever I can. haha. But all of them smells wonderful!! No wonder people collects them. Maybe I'm going to start mine too!! =D

Glow in the Holder. It's cute! Thought I might surprise her with a little gift and i saw this. She likes the sanitizers anyway so might as well give her something to hang it on with.  I'm going back for the glittery forest green one, the purple, and pink for my friends in Pinas. and buy them pocketbacs too.

They Sparkle!!! the cupcake ones do!!!

The Kids will love this. Oh I bet they will. Think Pixie Dust haha.

Body Lotions &
Shower Gels.

And.. the triple moisture body cream. =}

I'm going back to buy myself holiday sets which was awesome because you get 3 travel sized items for $10 (fragrance mist, body lotion, shower gel) and the other set was $15 for a travel size body lotion and perfume (the glass one). I was so busy with the shopping list I forgot to grab one for myself.

...and of course pick up more pocketbacs and holders from client's pre order and family back there and friends. =}

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lancome's Cosmetic Company outlet

While roaming around the outlets I saw Lancome's cosmetic outlet and they were fixing trays and boxes of cosmetics and skincare to the front of the house. Lo and Behold. Shu Uemura at 50% off! 50% off ladies. I asked why and the assistant told me it was because they're pulling all the Shu Uemura stocks in the U.S., she didn't care to elaborate. On November 5th Shu Uemura in the states will be extinct. It's kind of sad because there isn't a lot of brands here that targets Asian skin. The last items they're liquidating includes the Cleansing Oils, DepSea Mists, Blushes, Brush Sets, Palettes, Eyeshadows, Lip Glosses, Skin Care, Foundation & their infamous false eyelashes. The Store also carries brands like Lancome, Giorgio Armani, Kiehl's, Shu Uemura, Ralph Lauren, Yves Saint Laurent, Diesel, La Roche Posay.

bye bye Shu, you will be missed.

Friday, October 29, 2010

SEPHORA Friends & Family Goodies!

...and then it began. One of the most awaited event for make up and beauty fans. The Sephora Friends and Family Sale.

I didn't get too much make up. Currently on the skin care side for now. My skin's a bit complicated since moving to California. I don't know why but it's sooooo frustrating. Things that kept my skin clear back then aren't working now. My tita said it was because it's not humid here so the pores are always closed trapping impurities. haaaaaay.

anyway. the UPS man dropped this box today. and YEY!


The Beauty Authority... indeed

 SAMPLES include: 
Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat
Dr. Brandt Mattifying Lotion
Jurlique balancing day cream
Beauty Insider Birthday gift. awwwhhh sweet 

it's always fun to receive birthday gifts!!
the mascara brush that came with the set

Silver Green eyeliner. A bit sheer and it doesn't glide like the Urban Decay 24/7

White eyeshadow, great for the inner tear duct and highlighting

here's the stuff:
Make Up Forever HD foundation 153
Make Up Forever HD Primer Mauve
Clarisonic Replacement Brush Head Delicate

and that's it. I was expecting the Ole Henriksen truth is in they eyes eye cream but the invoice sent said it ran out of stock, so they didn't charge credit for it. bummer.

any Christmas wishlist?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

MAC Cham-Pale Teaser

I'm sure most you ladies were disappointed with the MAC holiday collection. I was too and I guess it's because MAC's pushing a lot of color stories too fast that it's becoming more and more redundant. Too much that it doesn't entice the consumer so much anymore.

anyway, here's a bit of preview from MAC's cham-pale collection. enjoy

 Highlight powders

Caviar Dreams Quad

*i don't own the pictures, pictures are from here!

I don't know. The word Pale doesn't necessarily appeal to me, I am after all NC40 and loving it. The only thing i want from this collection is the MAC Fix + Lavender.

How about you, getting anything from the Cham-Pale collection?
Where are you spending your post holiday savings/earnings?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

colors: the purple dress

i love purple!!! 'nuff said =D

Dress: Random dress from greenhills bought when i was still in pinas
Belt: People are People

Face: Chanel Vitalumiere foundation
Concealer: MAC PRO longwear
Powder: Chanel Universal Finishing powder
Blush: NARS Portofino
Lips: NARS Niagara

Eyes: MAC violet pigment
MAC Vanilla Pigment
MAC Carbon e/s
Urban Decay Zero 24/7 Liner

pardon my hair as always it thinks on its own. I'm actually thinking of getting it straightened once i find out where that is. haha

What's your favorite dress color? let me know.

until then, =}

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


enjoying seasons at another place. so this is how fall is.
casual button-down shirt dress is from H&M
layered with a chiffon lace top. accessorized with a filigree heart locket necklace and multiple black beaded bangles from Forever 21.
paired with lace tights to keep the romantic theme flowing and accented with a nude pair of trouser socks finishing off with a pair of black wedge booties.
i kept my hair with a half up do with braids at the side.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

misery loves company. hello California

I know was gone for a long time. It's a fact. That was because i moved/migrated to another country, and adjusting to a new place is anything but easy. I'm trying to be patient and grateful for the most part telling myself that there are lots of people who would be so freakin happy if given a chance to move here. But yeah, iba parin ang Pinas. I miss Fishballs and Lumpia and Shanghai and Chicharon. I miss the people and the simplicity of life. 'Yung tipong you can go places without the need of driving the car!!! I miss Jeepneys and different ways of public transpo.

That's my life right now. Everyone has to move on at one point or another. I am now 20. I guess this is life's lecture and life changing push to GROW UP and START being independent.

Thanks for reading a piece and being a friend and listening to my woes. appreciate it. =)

post my haul soon. =D


Monday, January 4, 2010


so as promised here's the size and density comparison of the infamous MAC dupe, SIGMA. i have both the complete set and the travel one, but I've posted some of the pictures of the full sized one in one of my past posts, so there's no point in doing that again right?

let's start shall we?

the SS 182 is their kabuki brush, not part of the travel kit,

pros: it doesn't cost 2,500php,
dense enough to pack in your mineral face stuff or pressed and baked powders
~jam packed natural hair bristles and gives you a sheer to medium coverage

cons: quite scratchy compared to the MAC 182, well i think though that the MAC 182 is just the HG for kabuki brushes.

the SS 239's
i must say that i like the travel size more because as you can see it's more wider than the FS one. so it lays on color quickly, hair density is about the same for both brushes.

SS 194's

SS219's the FS one, I didn't quite like because it was fluffy for a brush that's supposed to be used to precision work. the TS one however was less fluffy, it was great to use for the crease especially having almond shaped eyes. =}

SS224's - I never liked my SS224 FS it was scratchy and fluffy and it splays out, it was just a nightmare for blending because of again the fluffiness of it, it would get y colors everywhere it was just a mess. i don't know if this was a bad batch, probably is because i had an issue with the 187 too with this batch. i was apprehensive to order the travel kit honestly but i needed a brush kit that was compact so i can carry it at school or in my car or when i travel so i got this one at around october-ish. and i love love LOVE the TS SS224, as you can see above the bristles are "disciplined" so blending wouldn't be that hard as compared to the FS SS224

~side note- i have no idea why the FS SS224 has white bristles poking in.

SS 190

FS- great for blush
TS - great for contouring

both very soft, as expected with white goat hair bristles. =D

TS - not as small as the MAC 188, it's a teeny bit bigger than that.
pros- still has a lot of white bristles and it's still dense, despite being a travel size,
- definitely better than MAC's TS 187

con- well not really a con, but more of personal preference, i wouldn't do foundation with this brush because it will take time to lay it in and blend it to make the foundation more skin like. but yea, i' just lazy like that.

SS150's the TS is just as soft as the FS, and for all the ladies who own the SS150 can relate to that. =D

oh btw, i've had the SS150 for monthSSS now and it's still soft as ever. with of course proper care.

hope you enjoyed this one. and have a nice day, if you have any questions at all, comment below and I'll be more than happy to answer it, i check my blog daily now. yey for me. =D