Monday, January 4, 2010


so as promised here's the size and density comparison of the infamous MAC dupe, SIGMA. i have both the complete set and the travel one, but I've posted some of the pictures of the full sized one in one of my past posts, so there's no point in doing that again right?

let's start shall we?

the SS 182 is their kabuki brush, not part of the travel kit,

pros: it doesn't cost 2,500php,
dense enough to pack in your mineral face stuff or pressed and baked powders
~jam packed natural hair bristles and gives you a sheer to medium coverage

cons: quite scratchy compared to the MAC 182, well i think though that the MAC 182 is just the HG for kabuki brushes.

the SS 239's
i must say that i like the travel size more because as you can see it's more wider than the FS one. so it lays on color quickly, hair density is about the same for both brushes.

SS 194's

SS219's the FS one, I didn't quite like because it was fluffy for a brush that's supposed to be used to precision work. the TS one however was less fluffy, it was great to use for the crease especially having almond shaped eyes. =}

SS224's - I never liked my SS224 FS it was scratchy and fluffy and it splays out, it was just a nightmare for blending because of again the fluffiness of it, it would get y colors everywhere it was just a mess. i don't know if this was a bad batch, probably is because i had an issue with the 187 too with this batch. i was apprehensive to order the travel kit honestly but i needed a brush kit that was compact so i can carry it at school or in my car or when i travel so i got this one at around october-ish. and i love love LOVE the TS SS224, as you can see above the bristles are "disciplined" so blending wouldn't be that hard as compared to the FS SS224

~side note- i have no idea why the FS SS224 has white bristles poking in.

SS 190

FS- great for blush
TS - great for contouring

both very soft, as expected with white goat hair bristles. =D

TS - not as small as the MAC 188, it's a teeny bit bigger than that.
pros- still has a lot of white bristles and it's still dense, despite being a travel size,
- definitely better than MAC's TS 187

con- well not really a con, but more of personal preference, i wouldn't do foundation with this brush because it will take time to lay it in and blend it to make the foundation more skin like. but yea, i' just lazy like that.

SS150's the TS is just as soft as the FS, and for all the ladies who own the SS150 can relate to that. =D

oh btw, i've had the SS150 for monthSSS now and it's still soft as ever. with of course proper care.

hope you enjoyed this one. and have a nice day, if you have any questions at all, comment below and I'll be more than happy to answer it, i check my blog daily now. yey for me. =D

Sunday, January 3, 2010

happy new year everyone

let's welcome a new whole year for all of us gorge ladies.

now while i have been seriously slacking off this blog i have made a mental note to myself to be more active in the blogsphere this year round (resolution alert!!!). 0h-nine was just a haze, with the flu, series of typhoons, school reports, fashion shoots. it was crazy.

happy new year everyone!! =)

byebye cold 2009 hello hopeful 2010