Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Neutrogena wave boards in PH coasts

i grabbed this today at Watson's. haha i didn't know they were already selling this so i was hmm.. a bit confused and shocked at the same time because other sellers who did pre-orders from U.S were retailing this baby for 1000-1300php and today i got it at Watson's a CHEAPER and i mean cheaper price.. =D

inside contains (1) AA dry cell for the wave cleaner
the pink wave *oooooohh pink!!!!
and 2 packs of cleansing pads

i can't get over the pink color just yet. haha =)

the instructions are included at the back of the box which are really easy to follow since there are only 3.

and this is the velcro-y part to which you'll stick the cleansing pad. =)


Sunday, July 26, 2009

work hard and shop hard =}

my parents never gave me money for cosmetics probably because they don't want to enable me or i maybe it's their way of giving me "independence" haha. so the money i use for for cosmetic shopping would be from my work and a lot of side line jobs. *insert evil laugh here*

the things i got are:
MAC mineralize skin finish natural in medium plus
MAC lipglass
MAC 109 brush!!!!
MAC brush cleanser (and no it doesn't come with a spray-on nozzle like in the picture it originally comes with a screw cap. i tweaked it a bit because i find that using the screw cap is a bit difficult.)
Ever Bilena l/s Mauvey
The body shop lipstick in pink rose
some burloloys and a leather case for my iPhone.

the 109 up close! i used it today for mineral make up because i had extra time (it was my personal day off) and the way it applied was just AH-MEY-ZIIIIIIING. although it had a bit of fall-off. this particular brush you have to be more careful to. but it's okay since it does a lot of stuff (buffing in, blush, contour) i haven't tried it with liquid foundation though. and i don't know if MAC philippines will still restock this once it's sold out.

my new skin care regimen because my skin's not behaving lately probably because of stress and i just got out of a flu and got dehydrated... sigh... i wonder how this "reformulated" tea tree products of the body shop would work for me... i smell a review coming soon! haha anyway, what i got was just the toner, facial wash, tea tree oil. and the vitamin E mist since i've heard positive reviews about it. and it was on sale!!!!! i got all this products for 15 - 40 % off sale EACH! still pondering if i should get the fade night lotion though

and my other online buys include:
the sample starter kit from Joppa minerals!!
ohhhh and i finally got myself to buy the Coastal scents Silica Spheres!!!!
i also ordered a back up of my skinfood BB cream aloe.

i haven't got my previous order from Faerie Organics still so no reviews yet of the eye pigments, I'm still hoping they arrive. do you reckon it's because of the crappy weather we've been having lately? i don't even know if that has anything to do with the delayed shipment. you knowm typhoon, turbulence, storm signals...

maybe, maybe not. can you enlighten me on this one please? hehe thanks in advance =D

Friday, July 24, 2009

Quickpost: sigma travel set

the Sigma travel sets are now available, (black and pink) which retails for $49 each plus shipping $14 and to the sum of $63 (around 3150 php). now i promised myself i won't be getting them since i have a lot of brushes already and i had a bitof problems from the previous brushes i ordered. but i dunno. it's PINK!!! and they just look so tempting. but we'll see..

doesn't the pink holder look divine? sigh.... decisions decisions...

**on other news, i am still waiting for my faerie organics order, i love that company just because my skin loves their products too!!! since i have been using them my skin has gotten along with it. i used to swear on mineral whatever since they break me out, even everyday minerals broke me out after the 3rd day. but i have been using faerie organics for weeks now and my skin has gotten clearer, and yes i used up the free samples they shipped out so i have to get another one. what i am waiting for right now is, i actually ordered a few of their eyeshadow pigments because their colors were so whimsical (i'm a sucker for whimsical concept cosmetics), i was suppose to order from Aromaleigh (en pointe collection) but i heard that they're really crabby on giving out samples so i thought it wasn't so cost effective buying from them and paying shipping and getting a "barely-there" amount of sample. still waiting, i'm guessing shipping was delayed a bit because of the bad weather we had for the past days but hopefully they arrive. at least before our seniors' soiree party. hehe

until next time, i'm off for some shopping right now.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

BRUSHES: Trivia Goat vs. Squirrel for different skin types

you hear it again and again how the simplest tools such as your brushes can change the whole vibe of your make-up application, and while others may think the shape and density are one of the more crucial criteria, the material/hair/bristle used to make the brush can also play an important element to create that pretty made-up face =}

trivia 1: Goat haired brushes give you a glossy finished look, while squirrel haired brushes give you a matte finished look.

trivia 2: Goat hair: For those with oily skin. You can expect covering effects on pores naturally as fine powder can be applied evenly over the pores. In addition, you can get lustrous shiny skin by sweeping gently with the whole surface.

Trivia 3: Blue squirrel hair: For those with dry, or sensitive skin. Blue squirrel hair is not resilient; therefore a finished look will be more matte-looking as powder is lightly applied to your skin. The hair is very delicate so it is the basic rule to use the brush surface by laying the brush down. Blue squirrel hair is suitable for loose powder application, however as the hair is very delicate, blue squirrel hair brushes are not suitable for powders containing oil.

hope this helps a bit


Sunday, July 19, 2009

BRUSHES: Hakuhodo Makeup Brushes

hey girls, has anyone tried brushes from this company?... i was just so curious when my friends and i were having this pow-wow dinner and they mentioned that there's this Brush company from Japan, who creates this super nice and affordable brushes... so yea... i am sooooo uber curious, if anyone has their brushes, are they good?.. Hakuhodo is a makeup brush company located in Hiroshima, Japan. They claim to produce makeup brushes for many high end brand such as MAC Cosmetics and Cosme De Corte. They claimed that 60% of the high end makeup brushes market is theirs.
[Takamoto, Kazuo ( president )]

Hakuhodo, Ltd.
Founded in 1974 by Mr. Kazuo Takamoto, who broke away from his family business. Based on its policy of “brushes are tools,” the company produces and sells brushes for traditional handicrafts such as lacquer painting and ceramic painting, as well as a wide variety of brushes for makeup, calligraphy, industrial use, and other applications. In 1982, the company launched its own brand of brushes. The ‘Hakuhodo’ name became widely known after concluding an OEM contract with MAC of Canada in 1995, and they now supply products for about 70 companies on an OEM basis. For the purpose of disseminating information about traditional Japanese handcrafts and tool manufacturing, the company began publishing quarterly journals in 2003.

**o yea, and i just ordered some stuff from crown brushes hope they arrive soon

*and no. i am not ordering the Sigma pink brush set. i had my fair share of bad brushes from them and i'm not taking the risk again.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

back to the blogosphere

okay. no i have not been slacking off. i was sick i had the flu but not THE flu you're probably thinking of right now.. needless to say i am back to my tiptop shape.... i hope.

i kinda enjoyed being a little sick i got my friends to cook me yummy yummy food and weird concoctions and i got to stay in my house wrapped by my snuggly snuggly comforter while the weather was raging outside. and yea. NO DAMN CLASSES oooo sorry for the d-word. i'm just a bit of sigh of relief since i haven't finished my drafts yet mwahaha so i did that while i was on bedrest here's the rest of other fun things i did haha

~drink a lot of ginger ale with lemon
~eat a handful of gummyworms
~watch so you think you can dance
~online window shopping for chiffon dresses and ballet pointes
~watch youtube videos and then suddenly fall asleep
~sleep with my furball (a siberian husky). he's so warm and fuzzy
~order from various online cosmetic companies (Faerie Organics, Joppa, Earthenglow, Dreamworld and Ecoglo) plus various MAC pro pigments in samples. yey =)
~finished a fraction of my supposedly finished drafts


regular programming will resume from here on out


Monday, July 6, 2009


(if you guys are wondering what my real name is, it's that one on the shirt right there. =} cool huh?)
i super duper want to get a hair cut, as in the bob edgy type. my problem is my hair's curly so yeah, I'm stuck with the bed waves, beachy waves, waveywaves. i know i can get the edgy bob with a very good hairstylist, but i would be so lazy waking up extra early to heat protect, flat iron, blow dry and style my hair... maybe if i decide to really really put that much effort everyday i might get a new hairstyle, but as for now, i can still deal with my curlywurlies.

it was a fun day today, had a shoot with really goofy, kick ass photographers mwahaha, i kept sneezing and coughing and they were like, "whenever you're ready sneezy." it was nothing avant garde though. i was half glad that it wasn't since I'm was not feeling the best these days, i think I'm coming down with something...

ughhh.. have to rest.....

until next time =}

Friday, July 3, 2009


i promised myself that this payday would be a saver since my car needed a serious overhaul and oil change, and i got her that now she's shimmery again and the engine sounds a lot better and i also got her a mini TV LCD for the dashboard. =)

and i got myself a little something too!

a back up of my MAC 217 brush
this would be used for darker colors(for the outer V and crease)
and the other one would be for blending the lid and inner tear duct =)

Mango aviator sunnies!!
Swatch pink chronograph i have a pink watch already but this one just looked
so so so cool on my wrist and it chronograph, you know how it's so hard
to look for a chrono watch for ladies without it being so so gigantic looking!

and my biggest buy was this one

i finally bought an iPod touch, (32gb) I've had this on my wishlist for the longest time.
i was actually thinking of hauling MAC style warriors collection instead of buying this.
but in the end my feet took me to Park Square and found myself buying this baby.
now I'm thinking of buying the Skullcandy Pipe or a JBL dock ha ha.. that is, if i find one.

and i bought various pigment samples from different mineral makeup companies, since most of them are having a 4th of July sale! I'm finding myself more curious about pigments nowadays but so not ready to buy the whole jar from MAC, but if they had the vanilla piggie I'd totally buy one. so... I'm excited to get those!!!

***how 'bout you, what did you get for your pay day self indulgence? =)

until next time,
see you around vanity boulevard. =}

Saturday, June 27, 2009

SIGMA BRUSHES--- up close, reviews... and some rants.....

you might be wondering as to why i didn't post more pictures of my new brushes so quickly.... to tell you girls honestly is because i was busy contacting sigmamakeup because i had one or two problems with the brushes they sent. bummer, i thought those things at Spektra wasn't true, but yeah major bummer that I had 2 ehrm... bad brushes.. out of 12. what bothered me most was that, i was on the freakin' pre-order waiting list , and their claim was that each brush is checked for quality and so on and so forth. that they are so preciously made for perfection... mm-hmm.. i waited, for almost 2 months before the brushes were finally back on stock, and when they were, i quickly paid for the brushes, and then i had to wait again for them to process my order.. (5 or 6 working days). and then i received a shipping notice and i had to wait again, no this time it was good because i honestly thought it would take a month for the brushes to get to me and it only took 7 working days!! yey for the post!!!

when i got them i was so excited!! see pictures below, because they were just so so soft and really really divine. i started playing with the bristles and checking them out one by one just like a hen inspecting her lil chicks. something caught my attention, it was the SS219, which had a slightly loose ferrule. i said to myself "it's mkay, i can work with this, there's no reason to go bananas over it."

as the rule of thumb goes in dealing with new brushes: "wash em before using em" i washed them with baby shampoo, and warm water, boy they were spoiled. SS150 didn't shed at all!!! ss168, 1 or 2 hairs fell, that's okay that happens. ALL the eye brushes and SS190 didn't shed AT ALL!!!! but the loose ferrule was still ticking my wits off, i was so careful not to get that particular part wet. and then i got to the SS187, the uber hyped brush of them all, i was washing it with all the gentleness my hands had to offer, the first stroke i made it shed 2 bristles, still okay i told myself, still lathering it, 5 bristles came off!!! still fine... when i was rinsing it bristles were still coming off as if i was plucking them, (i swear i wasn't).

i let them dry... and they're still okay =)

when they finally dried up they were still soft and the new brush smell is now gone, i was so excited to try them!!

i decided to use the SS187 for liquid foundation, and as i was stippling it onto my face yep you guessed it right, there were still fall offs... FALL OFFSSSSSSS! i was just holysh*t i have to contact sigma about this,this is not right at all. even my mac187 didn't have as much of fall off as i was experiencing right now. so hopefully sigma would get my e-mail and answer it, because dude, i paid for the product, i should at least get what's due for me.. right?... it's just so so so frustrating like that, waiting a long time and then getting a loose/balding brush... sigh...

if you want a really good quality brush, just save up for it and then finally buy it. I'm not saying sigma has poor quality ones, because i still say they come pretty darn close to MAC it's just so so so soooo depressing and frustrating at the same time that i got 2 bad brushes. o well.. probably just bad luck.

on a brighter mood, here are the pics. =)

the whole family so happy that they sent face brushes with guards to keep the shape.

face brushes

eye brushes

SS168 did great for picking up blush color and was so soft!

SS190 typical foundation brush may i say

SS187 mine was balding like crazy, soft, applied liquid foundie with that airbrushed promise, i just wish i wasn't shedding like abnormally.

SS150 incredibly soft it's almost unbelievable! didn't shed at all.

***eye brushes I'm not really particular about, they all stepped up to what they promised to do, the SS224 in particular was my favorite, it blended out harsh lines so well and was soft too! and it was just right for my Asian almond eye crease. LOL
SS232 packed on color like there was no tomorrow
SS219 was great for my crease definition despite the loose ferrule
SS252 did great for over all wash of color
SS194 did great for paint pots and for mineral concealer
SS275 i used for highlight and it was just the right size for my brow bone while blending with the colors at my upper crease
SS266 i used for mineral eyeliner, made doing the wing trick a lot easier. haha
SS209 i used for lip lining , did great.
****if you want the individual pictures of the eye brushes just comment below or at the cbox and I'll put them up for you girls=)

so yea, if you're an eye person definitely give their eye set a try =)
as for the face brushes I'm still on the fence.... still a tad disappointed and frustrated. =\

until next time,
see you around vanity boulevard =}
....still sad...

Thursday, June 25, 2009


yey!!!! Mr. mailman arrived again today with a big gift for me!!!

it came in a size 5 bubble mailer!!! biiiiiiig
oh yeah and for those of you who are curious as to if i were charged tax or custom's fee for my parcel (worth $79) no, i wasn't, it was actually even delivered to my doorstep. YAY for
mr. Mailman again and it took 1.. 2.. 3.. 7 days only to get to me!!! 7 days girls! you have to admit that, that was purdee quick for the post! hah props to you dudes!

the guide, brush cleansing care card and the infamous E.L.F freebie (the mirror was broken but it was a freebie anyway.. so watev.. a freebie is still a freebie LOL =} )

pretty brushes in their sleeves and guards!! something to keep me busy this weekend!!!

detailed pic will be posted soon!!!!

until next time.
see you around at vanity boulevard =}

Friday, June 19, 2009

A FAERIE PLEASANT SURPRISE----Faerie organics mineral make up review

you know how it's comforting to know that you have friends that share the same interest as you do?.. just last month my friends and I were talking about totally switching to organic products as much as possible. we were always on our toes with organic whatever, buy them and then eventually test them out and if it works then YEY for us.=)
(don't mind my curls,
they have a mind of their own)

last month I met,(not actually meet, but ehrm.. you get the point) so yea, I got to meet Erin Mincks the woman behind Faerie Organics (i know, cute name right? i think it is) she's a full time make up artist and a a kitchen chemist using organic, natural or wildcrafted herbs and tinctures to create healing products.

i was so engrossed by her products and reviews so i decided to give it a try. so i asked Erin if she ships to Philippines and she rapidly answered yes with a smiley. =) and then she sent me sample baggies of her products for me to try and test. i received it June 10th and have been using it since then because i wanted to give you beauties an honest review of how the product really worked for me. and for the past 3 weeks I've been using it my skin didn't react to it, for what i can say right now is i think it even cleared up a bit. =}

enough of the blabbering time for pictures!!!!

the sample baggies with Erin's business card instructions =) isn't that sweet haha

and the samples she sent me are:

The consistency of the minerals!!

it's so mineral-ly hehe
~* at first i was scared of the li'l sparkles because my pores doesn't take sparkles all that well, but when you actually lay out the product, it isn't sparkly.. at all!! i gave me this healthy glow.. JOOOY!!

~* i LOVE the soft focus finish it gives to my face!!! pretty!!

~* and for the weeks that I've used it, i honestly haven't broken out as bad as before i get 1 yea, just ONE sometimes but that's about it. it stayed on my face for the whole day and i only had to blot once. ONCE!! *big grin*

~* the only down side i can think of is the price... yep, their full size jar is quite expensive. but I'm definitely going to be buying the "Flower Child" Au naturale face primer, it does wonders!!

and the verdict!

( before ) ( after )
[used the primer,
airbrush foundation
and bronzer ONLY
no concealers]

try one for yourself too! Faerie organics give out FREE samples.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


When the Charm brushes went out, I wanted to get the set but i never really wanted it that bad for me to finally order one and get it. When the Coastal Scents brushes came out with the pink set too, i REALLY wanted to get one but their SHIPPING fees are just INSANE!! and i mean INSANELY high so i decided not to get them. And now, Simone from Sigma make up is going to release a pink set on JULY 15th, and this one. I just KNOW I MUST HAVE!!!!! like, really really have.

take a look at the exclusive sneak peek at their travel set collection!!!

"Nice in Pink"

the brush case in metallic pink

and when you open it... tahdah!!

compared with the full sized SS187
the handles of the travel brushes are about 2.5inches
the brush holder has this little pouch right there with the zipper
so you can fit in your little essentials with you brushies!

Monday, June 15, 2009

everyday minerals order arrives!! YAAAAY!! and Sigma Make-up semi-rant. *sigh*

i was so happy when Mr. mailman arrived at my home again and gave me this bubble wrapped mailer. i just know this was my everyday minerals order. and this time it took only 9 working days to get to me. *does a happy dance*
the bubble-mailer thingy!!

my beauty buys
their look-book

plus the instructions/receipt

my li''l babies!!!
*fairly summer
*golden tan
*soft bronze
*buttered tan
*medium beige
*walkee talkee
*mint color corrector
(all in sample sizes)

i just love 'em all. can't wait 'til my girlfriends see them, ehem, can you say sleepover makeover? hahaha

but I'm feeling a bit uneasy today and anxious because i haven't received any update regarding my sigma brushes yet. i know they have this gigantic market to serve and they did caution everyone that it takes time. but man, it's been 10 days since i placed my order and no thank you's or a mere confirmation that they indeed receive an order from me.... I dunno if I'm being impatient, but then again, just. a. confirmation. because $78 isn't a small deal, well, at least for me it isn't *deep sigh.

o well...

see you around,
at vanity boulevard =}

quickpost: new layout yay!!

i felt like my past layout or theme was a tad bit cluttered and all over the place and it looked awkward and cramped up. so here's my new layout that "breathes" a lot better than the old one. and more eye pleasing too. haha

until next time,
see you around vanity boulevard =}

Saturday, June 13, 2009

pay day haul!!! yea!!!

i just love pay day. i mean who doesn't right? and although i know that the world is undergoing financial crisis nowadays i just had to splurge haha i mean i saved all my pay money last month, so this month why not spoil myself... i know, i know, I'm rationalizing.. hehe


a bunch of Enhance false lashes because we bring our own
pair during shoots and for night out with the girls. =}
Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation primer
Clean and Clear blot film
J A S O N 100% tea tree oil (because The Body Shop in Glorietta and Greenbelt ran out of it)
Dickinson's Witch Hazel Toner 473mL
Terra tints tinted lip balm
Body Shop Lip and Cheek tint
M.A.C. Blot pressed powder
M.A.C studio fix fluid foundation
(beauty products from Healthy Options Greenbelt 5
The Landmark - Makati
Beauty Bar - Greenbelt 5
it was easy shopping since the malls were close to each other HAH!)

(i had so much fun shopping for them)

Clear vase cute!!!
Vase purple fillers
Crystal ice decorative stones
all from from The Landmark

**so there *big sigh* hard work and stress paid off.. haha next payday (30th) will be a saver again. since fuel prices are hiking up again.

until next time,
see you around vanity boulevard =}