Sunday, August 22, 2010

misery loves company. hello California

I know was gone for a long time. It's a fact. That was because i moved/migrated to another country, and adjusting to a new place is anything but easy. I'm trying to be patient and grateful for the most part telling myself that there are lots of people who would be so freakin happy if given a chance to move here. But yeah, iba parin ang Pinas. I miss Fishballs and Lumpia and Shanghai and Chicharon. I miss the people and the simplicity of life. 'Yung tipong you can go places without the need of driving the car!!! I miss Jeepneys and different ways of public transpo.

That's my life right now. Everyone has to move on at one point or another. I am now 20. I guess this is life's lecture and life changing push to GROW UP and START being independent.

Thanks for reading a piece and being a friend and listening to my woes. appreciate it. =)

post my haul soon. =D