Thursday, October 28, 2010

MAC Cham-Pale Teaser

I'm sure most you ladies were disappointed with the MAC holiday collection. I was too and I guess it's because MAC's pushing a lot of color stories too fast that it's becoming more and more redundant. Too much that it doesn't entice the consumer so much anymore.

anyway, here's a bit of preview from MAC's cham-pale collection. enjoy

 Highlight powders

Caviar Dreams Quad

*i don't own the pictures, pictures are from here!

I don't know. The word Pale doesn't necessarily appeal to me, I am after all NC40 and loving it. The only thing i want from this collection is the MAC Fix + Lavender.

How about you, getting anything from the Cham-Pale collection?
Where are you spending your post holiday savings/earnings?

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