Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil -- review and what-nots

i have been and i guess will always be on the look out for skincare products that caters to oily/acne-prone/combination/really-hard-to-mattify skin type. no my skin's not THAT bad but when stress situations pile up (e.g: fashion week, pictorials, photoshoots, go-sees) that's when my skin takes its toll and decide to boycott me. and BAM!!! zits galore.----so not a pretty picture.

my girlfriends and i went for window shopping when whu-lah body shop is on a gigantic sale of the year. and ladies, i am not exaggerating they are on sale. a big big BIG sale. my friends helped themselves to bronzers, i didn't (because I'm tan anyway.. so.. no thanks i don't wanna be a striding carrot) and i helped myself to my trustee-always in the medicine cabinet-go to treatment. their tea tree oil!!!!
(the cap really doesn't look like that one, it's black actually. hey, i got bored and colored the cap with M.A.C's peppermint patty nail lacquer. me thinks it looks purdee LOL)

i love this stuff!!! love it!!! i have tried the cheaper counterpart of it which was available in Zen Zest, but i found ZZ's tea tree oil was milder than TBS. now to some ladies that may be good, but not for me, i need a product that works fast and i mean FAST!

what i like about this product is i have to emphasize that it works fast... i dab it to upcoming bumps and even whiteheads that are already there for consecutive nights (say 1 or 2 nights.. 3 nights was the longest for me and it was a really huge cystic acne no thanks to bare naturals mineral make up).. and when i wake up. POOF! it's bye bye.. and here's the best part (well at least, for me it is.) it doesn't leave your poof-ed pimple/acne with the "i-was-here" pimple mark. i think you ladies can relate to me on this one. so yea. it might be a tad bit pricier than Zen Zest, but if you really want fast drying action to your facial bumps then i really suggest this product. don't worry about the smell.. well, it smells really organic but you get used to it after a while..

until then...
see you around at vanity boulevard =}

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