Sunday, May 24, 2009


hey beauties, i have recently started blogging.

1.why?.. because most of my friends prompted me to, it's not so much that i'm a push over but i dunno, blogging might be fun..

2.are you new to blogging?.. yes!!!! yes my friends i AM NEW TO THE BLOG WORLD, why you may ask? it's because i only used the internet to check mail and call some relatives in the US (thank you magic jack) and for the most part of it, i never really had the time. and i didn't think that no one would really care about what i thought etc etc etc. so yea here i come blog world

3.why choose beauty?.. it's because it's what i' good at.. next to sewing and drafting fashion pieces. but anyway, it's because it's one area that i have a lot to say to, like what's good for your skin what's not etc etc etc.. i didn't want to tackle on fashion because i believe that lotsa people are on that point already, and i do not know how to teach you what we learn in school e.g. how to draft, fashion history etc etc. it would be way complicated. and i did not want to be the next gossip girl wanna-be either. i am pro life, thank you. LOL

so that's that,

until next time!

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