Friday, November 5, 2010

Errand shopping: Bath & Body works

You know it's nearing the holiday season when stores throw out sales here and there. Nordstrom has their Women & kids sale, and I'm eying this ToyWatch piece. ToysRus are having there sale too, yes I know because i have a niece and she wants a Christmas gift. What's up with kids and Dora anyway? haha. Going back, Outlets stores are starting their sale too and I'm going back to the Lancome Cosmetic Company Outlet  in the weekend, they sent me an e-mail telling me that beauty boxes just arrived.

Bath & Body works has their 3 for 3 sale which i was waiting for because it's such a good deal. I have this clients too that has a thing for their pocketbac hand sanitizers. The glittery cupcakes one was running low already and since it's limited ed, I don't think they'll be re-stocking. I checked their website and it wasn't listed anymore.

all of the pabili. =} they're so cute. I personally love love love the reindeer ones because I'm a fan of mint. Next is the twisted peppermint, they only have some left on my store so I'm going back tomorrow and grab whatever I can. haha. But all of them smells wonderful!! No wonder people collects them. Maybe I'm going to start mine too!! =D

Glow in the Holder. It's cute! Thought I might surprise her with a little gift and i saw this. She likes the sanitizers anyway so might as well give her something to hang it on with.  I'm going back for the glittery forest green one, the purple, and pink for my friends in Pinas. and buy them pocketbacs too.

They Sparkle!!! the cupcake ones do!!!

The Kids will love this. Oh I bet they will. Think Pixie Dust haha.

Body Lotions &
Shower Gels.

And.. the triple moisture body cream. =}

I'm going back to buy myself holiday sets which was awesome because you get 3 travel sized items for $10 (fragrance mist, body lotion, shower gel) and the other set was $15 for a travel size body lotion and perfume (the glass one). I was so busy with the shopping list I forgot to grab one for myself.

...and of course pick up more pocketbacs and holders from client's pre order and family back there and friends. =}


  1. Nice post, cool pictures. Unfortunately, I was not able to buy Bath and Body products when I was there last summer. Ngayon kasi, I'm a fan of BBW and use almost all their products.


  2. hi, thanks for dropping by. I'm a fan of their stuff too and it's great that they're super affordable and the scents are lasting. =)

  3. yeah, I love BBW scents and the scents lasts - but only for the orig ones. I can't say the same sa SG and HK version, but it's just me. Also, when you apply the sanitizer, wow, the scent just fills the room! Also, I did a short research earlier and found out that 'competing' brands Bath and Body Works and Victoria's Secret are actually sister companies. sigh... that's a very good market positioning!

  4. shucks, got some grammatical errors in my last comment. not sure if i can edit/delete that. haha. oh well...