Saturday, November 13, 2010

Goodie Bag: Shu Uemura

Remember when I said the Shu will be leaving U.S soon? and they were having a 50% off sale? Yes, it got the best of me, so I went back to grab myself some "souvenirs" before they said xoxo to United States

It's not a lot really just basic items. But the lady was so kind she gave me a lot of freebie samples with my purchase.

 FREEBIES!!! What I like here is assistants are so open about giving samples without pushing you to buy anything. I was primarily looking for an eye cream but they said they only had samples left and if I liked it, I can order it off the net. Plus the lady gave me a sample of the DepSea Rose, Pink Lipgloss, Premium oil cleanser 15ml and a fresh oil cleanser 50ml

I bought this for $10.99 M Peach 44. I love it, I'm NC 40 and this looks a natural flush for me!! LOVE!
 Fall in sucking the water out of me and i have oily skin!!  So i bought this for $ 9.99 for an easy go to hydration. I use it for my face, hands & hair. 

Finally I scored myself some cleansing oil!!! for only $12.99!!! This is what I originally wanted and I'm glad it was still available. I kind of wish I bought 2 though..

sigh. It's nearing the holiday season. I'm seriously missing home. It's this time of the year where Greenbelt has those awesome lights in the garden and malls are decked out with Christmas decos.


  1. That's a really nice loot! And good thing the SA was generous in giving you those freebies, so much different from the SA's in the PH.

  2. thank you. =} they're awesome, they take the time & effort of making the customer felt appreciated for checking their brand out. =}

  3. Yeah, I agree. SAs in the US go the extra mile in customer service. I wish I could say the same here. I also like their outright exchange/return policy - no questions asked.

  4. thanks for dropping by B&Bph. =}