Monday, November 8, 2010

Goodie Bag: Vichy

Mr FedEx man came in today with a small box. I was expecting it from Vichy because i ordered a couple of things from them. namely their Dermablend stuff as it was not available in my local CVS. Quite disappointed that their shipping took about 2 weeks. But here's what i got anyway.

No they're not marshmallows. The package came in and when i opened it i was surprised that a bunch of styro marshmallows greeted me. I only ordered 2 products. You can imagine the time i spent digging in through this marshmallows to find what I'm looking for.

First off, I ordered Vichy concealer, it claims to be long-wearing and full coverage for those who suffer skin imperfections (me! me! meeeeee!!!) I was ecstatic when I saw Lisa Eldrige's Acne Covering Make up demo that I wanted to try it for myself. Yes, they do have a return policy if you don't like the product.

*1st impression: The coverage reminds me of MAC Pro longwear concealer. Although Vichy was "softer" texture and is easier to blend, almost like a mousse feel concealer born with full coverage super powers.

The next thing I ordered was the setting powder. I'm originally using the Chanel loose powder for setting because I'm trying to finish it, but a year has passed and it still HAS A LOT. Now the Chanel loose powder finishes my make up great, a soft focus finish and very natural, light reflecting and I look very refreshed. All that good stuff happens on me.... for the first 3 hours. After that i have to blot mu face and re-apply. The container, yes it has Chanel written all over it, but it's BIG! 

So I wanted to look for something that would lengthen my foundation wear. and this boasts sweat-proof and waterproof (kinda scary) capability. Plus it's hypoallergenic. I wanted to get the Make Up Forever HD powder originally but we both know that it's expensive and I don't like the slimy bally feel when I tested it out.

*I haven't tested it out yet as I'm still trying to look for a good cleanser. the waterproof part scares me a bit.

And finally these are the samples they sent with the product. pretty generous, I was expecting a sample sachet a-la Sephora. They're both 3 ml samples. I'm guessing 5 days worth of use.


  1. I would love to hear your thoughts about the dermablend setting powder, is it any good?

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