Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Travelling Skin Woes

Have you ever traveled before and then breakout while using the same products you were using since who knows when?

I flew out of Pinas last May 5th for studies and I thought my skin love the weather since it's not too humid and the pollution is less. After a week of staying here my skin broke out really nasty cystic acne that i have never had in my life before. Sure my skin was not perfect when i was there back home, but it was not THIS bad either.

The products I was using then was The Body Shop's tea tree line which was awesome in keeping my skin behaved. it's so frustrating that it wasn't working anymore.

so I tried various products ranging from neutrogena's acne kit, the stress control line, the tea tree line and then decided to completely slash off Neutrogena in my life. It was so harsh it dried my skin out (on a summer season) and it always gave that tight feeling after you wipe your face from cleaning. The only thing i liked from them was the oil-free sunscreen.

I also tried ProActiv and I'm swearing it off it made my skin dry as hell without doing anything to my spots. Going to a derma isn't even in my option list right now because it costs sooooo much here. Imagine a tube of Duac that costs 850php there costs $80 here, that's just insane. So the search for the skin care regime still continues.

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