Saturday, July 18, 2009

back to the blogosphere

okay. no i have not been slacking off. i was sick i had the flu but not THE flu you're probably thinking of right now.. needless to say i am back to my tiptop shape.... i hope.

i kinda enjoyed being a little sick i got my friends to cook me yummy yummy food and weird concoctions and i got to stay in my house wrapped by my snuggly snuggly comforter while the weather was raging outside. and yea. NO DAMN CLASSES oooo sorry for the d-word. i'm just a bit of sigh of relief since i haven't finished my drafts yet mwahaha so i did that while i was on bedrest here's the rest of other fun things i did haha

~drink a lot of ginger ale with lemon
~eat a handful of gummyworms
~watch so you think you can dance
~online window shopping for chiffon dresses and ballet pointes
~watch youtube videos and then suddenly fall asleep
~sleep with my furball (a siberian husky). he's so warm and fuzzy
~order from various online cosmetic companies (Faerie Organics, Joppa, Earthenglow, Dreamworld and Ecoglo) plus various MAC pro pigments in samples. yey =)
~finished a fraction of my supposedly finished drafts


regular programming will resume from here on out



  1. glad you're back! its nice to have someone take care of you when you're sick :D