Sunday, July 26, 2009

work hard and shop hard =}

my parents never gave me money for cosmetics probably because they don't want to enable me or i maybe it's their way of giving me "independence" haha. so the money i use for for cosmetic shopping would be from my work and a lot of side line jobs. *insert evil laugh here*

the things i got are:
MAC mineralize skin finish natural in medium plus
MAC lipglass
MAC 109 brush!!!!
MAC brush cleanser (and no it doesn't come with a spray-on nozzle like in the picture it originally comes with a screw cap. i tweaked it a bit because i find that using the screw cap is a bit difficult.)
Ever Bilena l/s Mauvey
The body shop lipstick in pink rose
some burloloys and a leather case for my iPhone.

the 109 up close! i used it today for mineral make up because i had extra time (it was my personal day off) and the way it applied was just AH-MEY-ZIIIIIIING. although it had a bit of fall-off. this particular brush you have to be more careful to. but it's okay since it does a lot of stuff (buffing in, blush, contour) i haven't tried it with liquid foundation though. and i don't know if MAC philippines will still restock this once it's sold out.

my new skin care regimen because my skin's not behaving lately probably because of stress and i just got out of a flu and got dehydrated... sigh... i wonder how this "reformulated" tea tree products of the body shop would work for me... i smell a review coming soon! haha anyway, what i got was just the toner, facial wash, tea tree oil. and the vitamin E mist since i've heard positive reviews about it. and it was on sale!!!!! i got all this products for 15 - 40 % off sale EACH! still pondering if i should get the fade night lotion though

and my other online buys include:
the sample starter kit from Joppa minerals!!
ohhhh and i finally got myself to buy the Coastal scents Silica Spheres!!!!
i also ordered a back up of my skinfood BB cream aloe.

i haven't got my previous order from Faerie Organics still so no reviews yet of the eye pigments, I'm still hoping they arrive. do you reckon it's because of the crappy weather we've been having lately? i don't even know if that has anything to do with the delayed shipment. you knowm typhoon, turbulence, storm signals...

maybe, maybe not. can you enlighten me on this one please? hehe thanks in advance =D


  1. I want MAC 109!!! but its sold out down here :)

  2. i wish my parents are that supportive in my makeup lemming.hehe nice haul!

  3. ooh great haul! and hell yeah, i agree, work hard, shop hard! hehe :)

  4. how are you finding the 109? :) i'm loving it!! :)

  5. loving mine too... only 3 hairs fell out as of the moment =D