Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Neutrogena wave boards in PH coasts

i grabbed this today at Watson's. haha i didn't know they were already selling this so i was hmm.. a bit confused and shocked at the same time because other sellers who did pre-orders from U.S were retailing this baby for 1000-1300php and today i got it at Watson's a CHEAPER and i mean cheaper price.. =D

inside contains (1) AA dry cell for the wave cleaner
the pink wave *oooooohh pink!!!!
and 2 packs of cleansing pads

i can't get over the pink color just yet. haha =)

the instructions are included at the back of the box which are really easy to follow since there are only 3.

and this is the velcro-y part to which you'll stick the cleansing pad. =)



  1. I have one too! i'm excited to use this! can't wait to hear your thoughts on this!

  2. i think i like using my electronic toothbrush better for really deep cleaning, but like for the casual cleaning days, it's okay. i wish it suds up more though since i'm a big bubble girl.