Sunday, July 19, 2009

BRUSHES: Hakuhodo Makeup Brushes

hey girls, has anyone tried brushes from this company?... i was just so curious when my friends and i were having this pow-wow dinner and they mentioned that there's this Brush company from Japan, who creates this super nice and affordable brushes... so yea... i am sooooo uber curious, if anyone has their brushes, are they good?.. Hakuhodo is a makeup brush company located in Hiroshima, Japan. They claim to produce makeup brushes for many high end brand such as MAC Cosmetics and Cosme De Corte. They claimed that 60% of the high end makeup brushes market is theirs.
[Takamoto, Kazuo ( president )]

Hakuhodo, Ltd.
Founded in 1974 by Mr. Kazuo Takamoto, who broke away from his family business. Based on its policy of “brushes are tools,” the company produces and sells brushes for traditional handicrafts such as lacquer painting and ceramic painting, as well as a wide variety of brushes for makeup, calligraphy, industrial use, and other applications. In 1982, the company launched its own brand of brushes. The ‘Hakuhodo’ name became widely known after concluding an OEM contract with MAC of Canada in 1995, and they now supply products for about 70 companies on an OEM basis. For the purpose of disseminating information about traditional Japanese handcrafts and tool manufacturing, the company began publishing quarterly journals in 2003.

**o yea, and i just ordered some stuff from crown brushes hope they arrive soon

*and no. i am not ordering the Sigma pink brush set. i had my fair share of bad brushes from them and i'm not taking the risk again.



  1. i've never heard of them. i sure hope they're good though. let us know how they are!

  2. i read some article about them and they are indeed manufacturers of the infamous mac brushes.. well at least starting from 1995 to i dunno when... thanks for dropping by :)