Friday, July 3, 2009


i promised myself that this payday would be a saver since my car needed a serious overhaul and oil change, and i got her that now she's shimmery again and the engine sounds a lot better and i also got her a mini TV LCD for the dashboard. =)

and i got myself a little something too!

a back up of my MAC 217 brush
this would be used for darker colors(for the outer V and crease)
and the other one would be for blending the lid and inner tear duct =)

Mango aviator sunnies!!
Swatch pink chronograph i have a pink watch already but this one just looked
so so so cool on my wrist and it chronograph, you know how it's so hard
to look for a chrono watch for ladies without it being so so gigantic looking!

and my biggest buy was this one

i finally bought an iPod touch, (32gb) I've had this on my wishlist for the longest time.
i was actually thinking of hauling MAC style warriors collection instead of buying this.
but in the end my feet took me to Park Square and found myself buying this baby.
now I'm thinking of buying the Skullcandy Pipe or a JBL dock ha ha.. that is, if i find one.

and i bought various pigment samples from different mineral makeup companies, since most of them are having a 4th of July sale! I'm finding myself more curious about pigments nowadays but so not ready to buy the whole jar from MAC, but if they had the vanilla piggie I'd totally buy one. so... I'm excited to get those!!!

***how 'bout you, what did you get for your pay day self indulgence? =)

until next time,
see you around vanity boulevard. =}

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