Friday, July 24, 2009

Quickpost: sigma travel set

the Sigma travel sets are now available, (black and pink) which retails for $49 each plus shipping $14 and to the sum of $63 (around 3150 php). now i promised myself i won't be getting them since i have a lot of brushes already and i had a bitof problems from the previous brushes i ordered. but i dunno. it's PINK!!! and they just look so tempting. but we'll see..

doesn't the pink holder look divine? sigh.... decisions decisions...

**on other news, i am still waiting for my faerie organics order, i love that company just because my skin loves their products too!!! since i have been using them my skin has gotten along with it. i used to swear on mineral whatever since they break me out, even everyday minerals broke me out after the 3rd day. but i have been using faerie organics for weeks now and my skin has gotten clearer, and yes i used up the free samples they shipped out so i have to get another one. what i am waiting for right now is, i actually ordered a few of their eyeshadow pigments because their colors were so whimsical (i'm a sucker for whimsical concept cosmetics), i was suppose to order from Aromaleigh (en pointe collection) but i heard that they're really crabby on giving out samples so i thought it wasn't so cost effective buying from them and paying shipping and getting a "barely-there" amount of sample. still waiting, i'm guessing shipping was delayed a bit because of the bad weather we had for the past days but hopefully they arrive. at least before our seniors' soiree party. hehe

until next time, i'm off for some shopping right now.


  1. Ohh I love the brushes , they're sooo cute & they're pink yay, love it :)Is the PhP 3150 for the whole pack already? (all 7 brushes?). Does it have a local reseller? I'm sorry for all these questions but the brushes are really really cute ^^
    You have a very nice blog ^^

  2. yea the whole set including the bag/pouch, and the shipping is included in the 3150 =) you can go to to order and pay via paypal =) they're great brushes if you get a good batch

    thanks for stopping by =}

  3. i still want to get the eye brushes but i won't be trying the face brushes na because of your previous review. thanks girl!

  4. they look really cute. i love pink! i'm looking into eye brushes these days. on aromaleigh naman, i ordered their en pointe samples, and have a number of their other samples as well. i don't find the sample amount crabby, since with their pigments a little goes a long way :)

  5. thanks for dropping by ate's =)

  6. really? ah well better trying one myself to see the real deal right.... enabler!! haha thanks =)