Monday, June 15, 2009

everyday minerals order arrives!! YAAAAY!! and Sigma Make-up semi-rant. *sigh*

i was so happy when Mr. mailman arrived at my home again and gave me this bubble wrapped mailer. i just know this was my everyday minerals order. and this time it took only 9 working days to get to me. *does a happy dance*
the bubble-mailer thingy!!

my beauty buys
their look-book

plus the instructions/receipt

my li''l babies!!!
*fairly summer
*golden tan
*soft bronze
*buttered tan
*medium beige
*walkee talkee
*mint color corrector
(all in sample sizes)

i just love 'em all. can't wait 'til my girlfriends see them, ehem, can you say sleepover makeover? hahaha

but I'm feeling a bit uneasy today and anxious because i haven't received any update regarding my sigma brushes yet. i know they have this gigantic market to serve and they did caution everyone that it takes time. but man, it's been 10 days since i placed my order and no thank you's or a mere confirmation that they indeed receive an order from me.... I dunno if I'm being impatient, but then again, just. a. confirmation. because $78 isn't a small deal, well, at least for me it isn't *deep sigh.

o well...

see you around,
at vanity boulevard =}


  1. hi! new follower! since I am also in CA I am hoping that you will have a blog sale soon.. :)

  2. hi thanks for the follow. =)