Friday, June 19, 2009

A FAERIE PLEASANT SURPRISE----Faerie organics mineral make up review

you know how it's comforting to know that you have friends that share the same interest as you do?.. just last month my friends and I were talking about totally switching to organic products as much as possible. we were always on our toes with organic whatever, buy them and then eventually test them out and if it works then YEY for us.=)
(don't mind my curls,
they have a mind of their own)

last month I met,(not actually meet, but ehrm.. you get the point) so yea, I got to meet Erin Mincks the woman behind Faerie Organics (i know, cute name right? i think it is) she's a full time make up artist and a a kitchen chemist using organic, natural or wildcrafted herbs and tinctures to create healing products.

i was so engrossed by her products and reviews so i decided to give it a try. so i asked Erin if she ships to Philippines and she rapidly answered yes with a smiley. =) and then she sent me sample baggies of her products for me to try and test. i received it June 10th and have been using it since then because i wanted to give you beauties an honest review of how the product really worked for me. and for the past 3 weeks I've been using it my skin didn't react to it, for what i can say right now is i think it even cleared up a bit. =}

enough of the blabbering time for pictures!!!!

the sample baggies with Erin's business card instructions =) isn't that sweet haha

and the samples she sent me are:

The consistency of the minerals!!

it's so mineral-ly hehe
~* at first i was scared of the li'l sparkles because my pores doesn't take sparkles all that well, but when you actually lay out the product, it isn't sparkly.. at all!! i gave me this healthy glow.. JOOOY!!

~* i LOVE the soft focus finish it gives to my face!!! pretty!!

~* and for the weeks that I've used it, i honestly haven't broken out as bad as before i get 1 yea, just ONE sometimes but that's about it. it stayed on my face for the whole day and i only had to blot once. ONCE!! *big grin*

~* the only down side i can think of is the price... yep, their full size jar is quite expensive. but I'm definitely going to be buying the "Flower Child" Au naturale face primer, it does wonders!!

and the verdict!

( before ) ( after )
[used the primer,
airbrush foundation
and bronzer ONLY
no concealers]

try one for yourself too! Faerie organics give out FREE samples.

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  1. tnx for this post. I'm still a newbie to mineral makeup & still on the trial & error stage of different brands coz I have oily combination skin ^^.