Thursday, June 4, 2009

request: The Body Shop Flawless Skin Protecting Foundation--review and result

a request was sent to my gmail account, c/o jhenny
(won't give out e-mail addys for everybody's safety and privacy)
and she basically asked me to do a review on : The Body Shop Flawless Skin Protecting Foundation since TBS is on a huge sale right now and she's contemplating whether or not to get this product.

I'm always curious to try new thing so i bought this product on a 40% sale before their sale right now and i have been using it the most part of my stressful week since it has higher SPF than my M.A.C studio fix fluid (not to mention I'm running out of it), and i haven't been practicing my mineral make up application for a while so yea.. i don't want to go out in public looking like the corpse bride of Halloween past.

anyway, I'm on the fence on this particular foundation since ehrm... how do i put this, i have oily/combination skin by nature and this particular foundation offers a flawless dewy look. oily + dewy=?... well you girls can do the math. hehe. if i had say normal to dry skin this foundation would be a dream to use since it really offers a flawless finish with that subtle glow that's perfect for summer or winter. and it has spf 25. and i have to emphasize on the wonderful finish really.
i really really REALLY want to love this product i do, if it had a stronger oil control property

what i don't like about it is
*it doesn't come in a lot of shades like MAC does so the one i got in number 4 was tad orangey on me.
*it's unbelievably nice on my skin (for 3 hours... after that i just look like an oil slick, yes even with MAC blot on) oil control for ladies with oily skin to begin with isn't that nice, do not waste your money on this one. but again for those with relatively normal to dry skin, you can go ahead and give this baby a shot. but if you ask me, this foundation retails for 1,440php on regular price, for an itsy-bitsy sum of 60php you can strut your sassy self to a mac counter and try their Studio Fix Foundation which retails for 1,500 (correct me if I'm mistaken)
*application is hard, i tried M.A.C 190 with it since it's cream to powder form (duh!) but no, it was as stubborn as i was. and then my gay friend and i experimented with it and uhm... we blow dried it!!! lol, well, we had this crazy theory that if it was softer then maybe it would be easier to apply maybe the 187 can work with it even. yea it did!!! but this isn't a practical and intelligent method. is it..hehe and at the end of the day we settled that the bestest way to apply this foundation was with a damp sponge.
*if you use this foundation, HIDE when you and your girlfriends are cam-whoring on a night out and you're using flash. it's just a nightmare. no other way to put it. you'll look pasty white --- which is not good.

will i buy this again?
probably not... i think I'm better off settling with m.a.c or even mineral foundation once i perfect the method.

so here's the result...heading to a fashion show. =)
shinning, shimmering and not so splendid

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  1. thanks for dropin by my blog.. ur blog is cute! im loving the whole layout xoxo

  2. thanks for the info! i'm oily & now i definitely won't be buying this.