Saturday, June 13, 2009

pay day haul!!! yea!!!

i just love pay day. i mean who doesn't right? and although i know that the world is undergoing financial crisis nowadays i just had to splurge haha i mean i saved all my pay money last month, so this month why not spoil myself... i know, i know, I'm rationalizing.. hehe


a bunch of Enhance false lashes because we bring our own
pair during shoots and for night out with the girls. =}
Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation primer
Clean and Clear blot film
J A S O N 100% tea tree oil (because The Body Shop in Glorietta and Greenbelt ran out of it)
Dickinson's Witch Hazel Toner 473mL
Terra tints tinted lip balm
Body Shop Lip and Cheek tint
M.A.C. Blot pressed powder
M.A.C studio fix fluid foundation
(beauty products from Healthy Options Greenbelt 5
The Landmark - Makati
Beauty Bar - Greenbelt 5
it was easy shopping since the malls were close to each other HAH!)

(i had so much fun shopping for them)

Clear vase cute!!!
Vase purple fillers
Crystal ice decorative stones
all from from The Landmark

**so there *big sigh* hard work and stress paid off.. haha next payday (30th) will be a saver again. since fuel prices are hiking up again.

until next time,
see you around vanity boulevard =}


  1. Love your haul!:)

    May I know what your skin type is? Usually how long is the MAC Blot able to keep your face matte?:) I'm thinking of getting it cos my skin's really really oily.>.<

  2. hey there thanks for dropping by. =} my skin type is oily/combi and i usually use mac blot for my t-zone and it actually keeps the oilies at rest for about 3hours or so. i mean i have to blot at high noon since the weather here in the metro's crazy hot. but the blot powder does the job and well worth the price. =)

  3. Great haul! =)

    I love paydays as well! LOL.

  4. hah! i love em love em loooooove them. =}

  5. o yea, thanks for dropping by girls =}

  6. hi, sis! great haul. :) so inggit since i haven't hauled for a long time. lol. need to finish off my stash first. sis, i suggest you forgo putting your brushes on those seeds thinggy, it'll scratch your brushes like hell. used my vases instead to store my lip products (w/o the seeds instead). :) hope you don't mind me saying that and hope that you'll heed it coz i don't want you to experience the same thing i did. :)

  7. ^ oh thanks for the concern, but i'm actually going to use the vase and pebbles for my watercolor pens and pencils and drafting materials. hehe thanks for dropping by =}