Tuesday, June 9, 2009

everyday minerals sample kit arrives!!! ----Philippines temporarily banned at EDM

okay so bad news first, as you all know----or not know, Everyday Mineral (EDM) would be blocking shopping/shipping transactions to PH. sad news right? that was why i didn't feel like blogging about it when the news first blew up, because it's utterly embarrassing for me that some of our Filipino brothers and sisters have to go to dramatic and insane heights just so they can earn money--- even in the expense of some people getting violated and fooled. Over-pricing around 250% mark up at multiply site is not an excuse for shipping and tax fees, and HOT-LINKING the pictures from the original site and not putting a disclaimer where people can be informed, really puts your moral and ethical values to question, it's just waaaaaay off and over the moon. hm.. it's frustrating to know that one rotten tomato affect the other angelic, cute and good tomatoes. haha so if you are reading this, please know that edm doesn't charge THAT much to shipping and their products per se. and as for you rotten tomato, well... i don't know you and i won't judge your intentions, but i hope you straighten out your act before the company legally charges you.



i finally got hold of my FREE sample kit from everyday minerals, thank the high heavens i placed my order before the blocked shipping to PH. Anyway, our local mail person dude delivered this to my house. m-hmm you heard that right, delivered straight to my house. i was surprised because i thought he would be giving me a notification card but no, he was there, with the package. at 7AM!!!!! can you believe that?! 7AM!!!! when the door bell rang and my dog ran to the door barking at it like no tomorrow, i thought it was just my mom coming over to cook me breakfast so i didn't bother looking decent. hehe. and you all know i have the curly hair, and yeeaaa.. it was all over the place when i woke up. sooo not a pretty picture.

more good news!! aside from Mr mail dude delivering my package straight to my house, NO customs fee!!!!!! yea girls CUSTOMS FEE!!!! so i just gave what's suppose to be my payment (35 php) to Mr. mail dude's tip. just because he delivered it at a very early time and in good condition i may add. and from where I'm at right now it's pretty cold he could use a cup of coffee or whatever.

here's the picture of the goodies!!! i haven't used them yet as of today because i haven't taken my shower yet. i was so excited to tell you girls about it. and i did say that the package was delivered way early. 7am... o yea and it took ehrm.. around 17 days for my samples to arrive from US to PH. not that bad. i have waited longer (*cough*amazon*cough*)
my sample kit + foptic brush
(a lot of my friends said the foptic brush wasn't worth it--
but knowing that i have a stubborn brain i got it anyway--
i just wanted to see it for myself. hehe)

the foptic brush

my pretty little samples.

will i order from them again? YES. i have been and i always will. the question now is whether or not they will open their arms again to PH. i know the Asia mirror site will be up and running soon but i don't know how color availability and shipping terms will go. haaaaayy rotten tomato. ikaw kasi eh! haha

so... if you have questions about how shipping and handling goes, the products, the shipping cost, duration of orders i think i stated it above. but if you have any more questions please don't hesitate to ask. i will be more than willing to help. you can leave it as a comment or you can e-mail me like some of the beauties are doing =)

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I'll be going back to sleep now it's still 8am. and work's still at 5pm for a night shoot

see you around,
at vanity boulevard =}


  1. I'm pretty bummed out that Everyday Minerals has stopped shipping to the Philippines, especially because I love their foundation! So boo to the bad people!!!

    And yes, I got the Skunkless Foptic brush too. And it was blehh.. LOL. What about yours? Do you like it?

  2. by the way, thanks for dropping by.. =}

  3. i use everyday minerals and i love them ;-) why is delivery to the phils blocked? ;-)

  4. because of certain unauthorized resellers who overprice items and steal pictures from their site.