Tuesday, June 2, 2009


hey beauties, so I'm back from our Surfing getaway--and suffering from acute asthma, but oh well, it was fun while it lasted (the trip)

so when i got home and comfy to my pad, what did i do first you ask? HAH, exfoliated and pampered my skin, because i don't want it to boycott me again because of the sand, water and sun exposure for 3days.

i took a long bath with LUSH bath bombs, and then showered and exfoliated my body using Victoria's secret body scrub in Love Spell. and then exfoliated my face with St. Ives Apricot Scrub, i love love loooooove this product. and so on and so forth

when i finally finished i went on ahead to my vanity area (this is where all the magic happens for me HAH) where i saw this little package that i got as a freebie not too long ago when we went for our Hongkong trip for fashion week. i decided to use it since i was in a clean-my-skin-and-exfoliate frenzy anyway.

the little package contained one pad of black bean nose pack from Skinfood. i was primarily hesitant to use this because I'm an avid user or Biore, just because it works for me and it does the job.

but but BUT....!! to my surprise, this product does the job too!! in a less painful manner, because everyone who used Biore knows that, that nose cleansing pad hurts like hell. and Skinfood, it hurts too!!! but not as much, nevertheless, it hurts.... and I'm going around in circles now. hehe sorry for that.

Skinfood black bean nose pack works, but hurts (yea i can't get over that). it does the job of getting the gunk off your nose. the waiting time for this one is 15minutes on the dot you can feel that it's ready for peeling when it's molded already, yea like a clay and harden up already. i was surprised at how much it took away because whenever i use Biore it's not that much but it might be because of the surfing trip too. (I'll be posting the picture of how much it took off a bit. and word of caution, it IS YUCKY!)

Cons are. it stinks. as in literally stinks i thought i would throw up but it goes away after a while.
and the instructions were hard to understand if you're a virgin at using nose packs you would be dumb-founded at how they laid out the instructions. but if you use other brands of nose packs it's basically the same procedure so peel away beauties!

and as i promised,
here's the picture. (WARNING: ICKYNESS AHEAD)
icky right?.. right.
but it works =D

til, next time...
see you around vanity boulevard =}

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