Saturday, June 27, 2009

SIGMA BRUSHES--- up close, reviews... and some rants.....

you might be wondering as to why i didn't post more pictures of my new brushes so quickly.... to tell you girls honestly is because i was busy contacting sigmamakeup because i had one or two problems with the brushes they sent. bummer, i thought those things at Spektra wasn't true, but yeah major bummer that I had 2 ehrm... bad brushes.. out of 12. what bothered me most was that, i was on the freakin' pre-order waiting list , and their claim was that each brush is checked for quality and so on and so forth. that they are so preciously made for perfection... mm-hmm.. i waited, for almost 2 months before the brushes were finally back on stock, and when they were, i quickly paid for the brushes, and then i had to wait again for them to process my order.. (5 or 6 working days). and then i received a shipping notice and i had to wait again, no this time it was good because i honestly thought it would take a month for the brushes to get to me and it only took 7 working days!! yey for the post!!!

when i got them i was so excited!! see pictures below, because they were just so so soft and really really divine. i started playing with the bristles and checking them out one by one just like a hen inspecting her lil chicks. something caught my attention, it was the SS219, which had a slightly loose ferrule. i said to myself "it's mkay, i can work with this, there's no reason to go bananas over it."

as the rule of thumb goes in dealing with new brushes: "wash em before using em" i washed them with baby shampoo, and warm water, boy they were spoiled. SS150 didn't shed at all!!! ss168, 1 or 2 hairs fell, that's okay that happens. ALL the eye brushes and SS190 didn't shed AT ALL!!!! but the loose ferrule was still ticking my wits off, i was so careful not to get that particular part wet. and then i got to the SS187, the uber hyped brush of them all, i was washing it with all the gentleness my hands had to offer, the first stroke i made it shed 2 bristles, still okay i told myself, still lathering it, 5 bristles came off!!! still fine... when i was rinsing it bristles were still coming off as if i was plucking them, (i swear i wasn't).

i let them dry... and they're still okay =)

when they finally dried up they were still soft and the new brush smell is now gone, i was so excited to try them!!

i decided to use the SS187 for liquid foundation, and as i was stippling it onto my face yep you guessed it right, there were still fall offs... FALL OFFSSSSSSS! i was just holysh*t i have to contact sigma about this,this is not right at all. even my mac187 didn't have as much of fall off as i was experiencing right now. so hopefully sigma would get my e-mail and answer it, because dude, i paid for the product, i should at least get what's due for me.. right?... it's just so so so frustrating like that, waiting a long time and then getting a loose/balding brush... sigh...

if you want a really good quality brush, just save up for it and then finally buy it. I'm not saying sigma has poor quality ones, because i still say they come pretty darn close to MAC it's just so so so soooo depressing and frustrating at the same time that i got 2 bad brushes. o well.. probably just bad luck.

on a brighter mood, here are the pics. =)

the whole family so happy that they sent face brushes with guards to keep the shape.

face brushes

eye brushes

SS168 did great for picking up blush color and was so soft!

SS190 typical foundation brush may i say

SS187 mine was balding like crazy, soft, applied liquid foundie with that airbrushed promise, i just wish i wasn't shedding like abnormally.

SS150 incredibly soft it's almost unbelievable! didn't shed at all.

***eye brushes I'm not really particular about, they all stepped up to what they promised to do, the SS224 in particular was my favorite, it blended out harsh lines so well and was soft too! and it was just right for my Asian almond eye crease. LOL
SS232 packed on color like there was no tomorrow
SS219 was great for my crease definition despite the loose ferrule
SS252 did great for over all wash of color
SS194 did great for paint pots and for mineral concealer
SS275 i used for highlight and it was just the right size for my brow bone while blending with the colors at my upper crease
SS266 i used for mineral eyeliner, made doing the wing trick a lot easier. haha
SS209 i used for lip lining , did great.
****if you want the individual pictures of the eye brushes just comment below or at the cbox and I'll put them up for you girls=)

so yea, if you're an eye person definitely give their eye set a try =)
as for the face brushes I'm still on the fence.... still a tad disappointed and frustrated. =\

until next time,
see you around vanity boulevard =}
....still sad...

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